Party in Budapest


Party in Budapest In Hungary, Pest (nickname of Budapest) embodies a refined historical and cultural heritage, majestic architecture… but also a vibrant and pulsing nightlife!

Travel through the crazy nights of the Hungarian capital to the sound of the rock and jazz scene of its underground bars. Modulate your tempo to enjoy the classic melody of the National Opera and then electro music from the clubs of Óbuda Island. All this, before stepping up to enjoy the biggest open-air festival in Europe. Atypical places and extravagant atmospheres await you on the banks of the Danube. Head for your night in Budapest!


Rock and jazz in the ruin pubs of Budapest

party in Budapest

Night has just fallen on Budapest and now the ruin pubs begin to bustle, those famous bars installed in old abandoned buildings in the streets of Pest. Book a pub crawl for your stag do and start your weekend in Budapest style.

To get the evening off to a good start, stroll the alleys around the Opera House to reach the must-see Morrison’s pub. Open until 4 am, the hotel offers the perfect taste of Budapest’s nightlife. The atmosphere changes with the various billiard rooms, dance floors and bars. Let yourself be surprised by the originality of the place, its architecture and the impressive number of revelers who come to meet on weekend evenings.

Also not to be missed: the concerts and open-air plays at the Aquarium Klub cultural center, located near the Erzsébet square.

Does the crowd impress you? Find a more relaxed atmosphere around the terraces of the jazz cafes scattered along the banks of the V. kerület (district). For example, book a table at the Opus Jazz Club to share a meal against the backdrop of a double bass in a minimalist setting. Or start the evening in an intimate atmosphere with a drink at the Budapest Jazz Club, a little further north, 20 minutes by metro …

For music and food lovers, Budapest celebrates spring with its open-air Wine and Jazz Festival which takes place in April on the island of Hajógyári (Óbuda). Toast to the Hungarian night!

Clubs and rooftop in Budapest

After a good day of sightseeing, it’s time to go and relax on the roof of St. Andrea Sky Bar located on the 6th floor, on the beautiful Vörösmarty Square. An ideal site to admire the spectacle of the setting sun igniting the Hungarian capital …

Any excuse is good for partying in Budapest, and you can easily find party companions to follow you to the best spots in the city center. Fancy an underground atmosphere? Take a long walk at Andrássy avenue. Climb to the top floor of the building that houses the 360 bar  to take in the breathtaking view of the city to the rhythm of good music and vibes.

Put on your best outfits and now join the hottest clubs in the city center where the craziest electro and edm clubbing is all about. Choose your decor: a very neat setting like at Club Heaven or private beach at Rosé los Tiki Lupa. The dancers provide the show on the counter of the terraces built on stilts, in the hollow of old shipyard buildings.

If you are lucky, you might be able to try your hand at the crazy parties organized by Spa party in the thermal baths of Budapest. Every month, the party changes location and decor for evenings that are always unique!

(before book spa party in Budapest, always ask us because usually it’s full of horny boys and nowadays it’s very expensive and not worth it)


Sziget Festival, the World Famous legend

The Sziget Festival attracts nearly 400,000 festival-goers to Óbuda Island each year: it is considered the largest open-air festival in Europe. The rather eclectic program offers you a wide choice of activities, between concerts, cinema, exhibitions, theater, sport, games, dance and other activities of local folklore.

Then join the crowd of 45,000 people from the “Pop rock main Stage” to attend performances by international and Hungarian stars, such as Besh o droM, Csik Zenekar, Yonderboi, and more.

Dance to electronic music at the ”Party Arena” or travel to the sound of world music at the ”OTP World Music Party Stage”. In all, the festival features around fifty stages and marquees. Dance the night away in Budapest!

 “I saw people there totally enchanted, the atmosphere is magical! It’s perhaps the best festival in the world, stronger than Glastonbury, ”Sister Bliss.

Sister Bliss of Faithless had made these comments about the Sziget Festival. Enough to give you an idea of ​​the atmosphere that reigns there!

Budapest, between söröző (beer bars) and borozó (wine bars)

Hungary has thousands of authentic and often quaint establishments where you can taste the flavors of Hungarian beverages: söröző (beer bars) and borozó (wine bars).

At the end of the afternoon, have an aperitif in one of them, and soak up the rustic decor created by the wooden furniture that adorns these unique places. Did you know that Hungarian vineyards cover over 140,000 hectares? At least that is needed to feed the borozó of Budapest …

 Budapest by night and in short

When to go?

In August, for the Sziget Festival, one of the biggest European festivals, and for warm summer evenings on the banks of the Danube.

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How to get around?

On foot: the main party venues are concentrated in the city center and on the shores of Margit and Óbuda Islands.
By metro: the best means of transport for your evening starts and returns, since it operates from 4:30 am to 11:00 pm.

Or sleep ?

For your hotel reservation in Budapest, choose casino hotels and downtown Budapest hotels in the 5th, 6th and 7th kerület (districts) and on the banks of the Danube. You have access to all public transport networks and are as close as possible to Budapest’s nightlife.

 Must-See Nightlife Events in Budapest

March: Wine and Jazz Festival; to discover two little-known aspects of the Hungarian capital

June: Danube Carnival; Celebrate in color the iconic Chain Bridge.

August: Sziget Festival; to live absolutely until the end of the summer night!

November: Art Fair; fair and exhibition on ancient and contemporary art “