Shooting Range Budapest

Budapest shooting range

Budapest shooting range

Initiation to shooting is a thrilling activity. It is a unique experience that combines concentration, composure and dexterity, and supervised by passionate and seasoned professionals who will accompany you throughout the session. Shooting ranges in Budapest are high quality and gun shooting activities are very popular for any stag do or birthday party.


Course of the shooting initiation in Budapest

As soon as you arrive at the shooting range, an instructor will take you on a thrilling adventure! Everything will start with a theoretical session, to introduce you to the different weapons that you will handle, their operation but also all the safety instructions. During this course, you will discover your guiding eye but also how to position yourself on the firing line and how to load and empty your weapon. Nothing is left to chance, you will be perfectly supervised for this introduction to sports shooting. Experienced instructors will explain to you how to handle your future weapon and all the sports shooting techniques to get started in the best conditions.

Installed at the shooting range equipped with a helmet and glasses, the feeling of adrenaline will invade you! The instructors will take the time to explain each step to you, show you several shots and analyze the target. They will accompany you at all times, during a trial session, to make you an outstanding shooter. In this quest, you will quickly realize that this activity will allow you to clear your mind: adrenaline quickly mixes with concentration and precision of movement.

You will gradually increase in power depending on the course you have selected. During the first shots, you will be surprised by the power of the weapon, then, over the shots, you will better control your gestures and improve your aim.

Your questions, our answers

Is a shooting range in Budapest well secured?

The activity takes place in small groups, which allows the instructor to guide and help each of the participants. Hundreds are used to managing groups and having them try out firearms. The course begins with a theoretical part to explain how to handle weapons safely. No risk will be taken.

Are blank ammo used for the course?

Offers offer sports shooting with real weapons, but most of the weapons used for sports shooting are airsoft guns (with plastic balls) or pellet rifles. They remain perfect replicas of the weapons, same weight and same design.

gun range in Budapest

How far is the shototing range in Budapest?

It’s about 25 minutes by private bus from your accommodation.

Is there a minimum age to do the activity?

For all classic shooting ranges, you will have to be of legal age. For airsoft shooting centers, most centers accept minors from the age of 16 but they must be accompanied by an adult and provided with a parental certificate.

What kind of group is this shooting activity for?

Ah, we all have in mind a television series where a cop is chasing an ugly duckling called “the bad guy”. The case often ends in a victory for the cop with the handgun. If these series marked you, then you will necessarily want to test the shooting with real ammunition. Lovers of personal sensations, you will be served: composure, adrenaline, excitement… you will go through all the states in less than a second. In short, it takes guts to pull the trigger.

How is it going?

As soon as you arrive, you will be taken care of by the house specialist. Little quick training and… let’s go gentlemen for 2 hours. Show up one by one on the shooting range and may the best win. Each participant will test 2 .22 caliber weapons: the revolver in Lucky Luke mode and the pistol in James Bond mode.

2-3 super practical info…

The instructor will help you load your guns and aim straight. For a small challenge to take place between you, it is strongly recommended to be at least 4 people… logical. And ABOVE ALL, don’t forget your identity card, passport or driver’s li cense… it would be really stupid to miss that!

You must arrive sober on the shooting range in Budapest (no trace of alcohol). Finally, as an improvised pledge, give a diploma to the stag that you will have prepared before coming: that of the best shooter… we are not talking about handgun shooting, we are of course talking about his previous female conquests.