Spa party in Budapest

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Middle Europe. The city is unique and colorful with the legacy of the old times and renewing year by year.

Thousands of tourist are coming to visit Hungary during the hall year even if it’s winter or summer time. The city has lots of thermal baths which makes Budapest the Capital with the biggest number of spas and thermal centers.

Our stag groups are keen on trying spa party which is one of the most popular bachelor and hen do activity in Budapest but we don’t know to be honest. We usually say that it’s the best during late spring or summer time but in most cases it’s full of boys and it’d be more affordable to book a pub crawl or try our famous strippers in Budapest to see some naked beauties.

Anyway we don’t say that it’s a bad idea but ask our sales team first before you make your own decision. Can we go any time of the year? Is it far from the city center? Help us please…

Feel free to ask any time. 🙂

Facts about baths party in Budapest:

1.The ticket prices are around €50

2.The ticket includes entry fee and lockers (not a lot)

3.You can’t pay with cash ( you can load money on spa party card)

4.Don’t ever use freelancer taxis

5.We only recommend spa party when the weather is hot.

One story in few words:

James came to Budapest last summer with a bigger stag do group. They was planning to try he aforementioned activity and to book airport transfers, try some strip shows, hire a midget and try some guns. Basic bachelor party no words to say but the team was really nice.


Jimmy was a real gentleman and always wanted to know something about Budapest. …”Peter I’m sorry for my curiosity but I’m the kind of person who wants to know everything before the traveling”… I said shut up Jimbo it’s my job and me and my hall team are ready for your service 24/7.

It was the in the middle of the summer and the weather was a quiet hotter than we’ve expected. The stag was a massive party beast and the team was already drunk at the airport. As usual haha. James told me that they bought the sparty tickets for a good price (15 ppl for about 550 quid) what is not a big thing already but if the have know what will happen the would never buy it again for sure.

After they’ve arrived to their apartment in the party district of Budapest, they started to drink massively and started a crazy pub crawl in the city center hitting every famous bar and pub with our tour guide and met with Gabor our world famous midget entertainer.

The second was hard for everybody. The day starter morning glory strip show provided by two super hottie lady was sweet but the gun shooting activity afterwards was ear-splitting for every hungover lad. Big guns, big noise and first aid beers. That’s a real morning starter for every lad weekend here.

Jim asked for a private transfer for the baths party activity so we picked us up at their place and the hard night started. Around 1 am they called our non-stop customer service that they need a back transfer immediately because two of them got robbed somehow and it’s raining and they don’t want to stay there anymore and besides these it’s full of boys. HA . I told you..

I asked them about the story and it was clear that somebody robbed their lockers. Insane! how could it happen anyway?

Next day they went home  bit disappointed about last night but the stag weekend was cool at all. Thanks Jimmy 🙂

What is the conclusion? Always ask Stag VIP Budapest before trying any activity in Budapest.