Sporty bachelor party weekend in Budapest

My old schoolmates with whom I used to go out in my childhood, even in high school and college, had a very good relationship from the start. We met many times in various pubs, youth clubs and talked about all kinds of things, politics about life, and most of all, the super hot pretty girls who spice up and determine the course of our lives. But definitely the most important thing because it was inevitable and for a long time we had a common passion for sport, because it was a very important and decisive aspect for all of us. As normal and as it used to be one of us was getting married. On a remarkable occasion, he proposed his girlfriend since they had been together from a long time.

We decided to organize a bachelor party for Him in Budapest and combine it with sporting events and other surprises. We decided everything and were looking for a reliable stag do company on google as it was very important to help us because they know the local opportunities best and together we have a well-developed itinerary based on their activity offerings. They arranged everything according to our request and even provided our accommodation in the city center of Budapest.

The groom did not suspect anything the only thing he knew is that he and his friends will spend a pleasant sporty weekend in Hungary. He was very surprised when we were greeted with a warm welcome after our flight by a hot local Guide and the icing on the cake was when a fabi Hummer Limousine rolled over to us. We headed downtown. We were offered with champagne and with a beer. It was sweet. At one point we slowed down because two elegant ladies motioned for us to stop. To our great pleasure a fantastic lesbian started on the rest of our way to the accommodation. The stag was really surprised at the time, and apparently enjoyed the sight of the girls dancing and stripping to the fancy music who instantly captivated all our imagination. We arrived at the Buda Castle District. We were in a cozy little street where we went with our little companion to check in our hotel, take a rest and refresh, before starting to explore this wonderful city.

Some Words about Mathias Church Buda Castle:

We arrived to the Trinity Column – a symbol of plague protection – built in 1255, the Matthias Church built in 1255, has undergone many rebuildings and rebuilds and is a jewel of the Buda Castle. Snow-white lined tower with colorful Zsolnay tiles is a famous building of the city. Behind the church you can see the Fishermen’s Bastion which surrounds the church named after a legend during the turkish siege this wall was protected by the fishermen’s guild. It consists of seven towers, symbolizing the seven Hungarian tribes settled in the Carpathian Basin in 896 AC. After checking all of this monuments we arrived to the Buda Castle. It was Built in 1243 based on contemporary descriptions, Béla the Fourth found it ready in 1255. We were admired for this stunning building, unlike Sultan “Suleiman” who set it on fire and robbed eleven days after his arrival in September 1526.

In the evening light of the castle quarter, which we stared at with glittering eyes from the downtown area, it was unforgettable.

We went to visit a strip club though we wouldn’t have done it by ourselves depressingly. From our own experience, we have realized that a beautifully constructed “path” should never be abandoned. But our stag organizer fixed our mistake and took us to a strip club the next day that was amazing for all ten of us. Together with an exclusive srtip club with a fantastic dinner, flawless beauty girls got rid of their tiny outfits.

The next day we went to play bubble football, it was very funny, we bounced on each other like sumo wrestlers. In the afternoon we went karting, enjoying our competitive spirit with some beers haha.

We received a pizza dinner at our accommodation, served on the body of a beautiful stripper. On the third day we were able to surpass each other with quad driving tour, we really enjoyed this extreme challenge. After a rest there was a pub tour where we matched our talent for bringing more drink glasses to your mouth. Everybody won. No one was left behind in this “athletic” activity.

Thank you for everything guys. It was an amazing time in Budapest.