Stag do Budapest



Stag do Budapest is not just a simple party weekend, it’s a must do once in the lifetime! You have arrived at one of the most important stages of your life, and despite all the warnings, you already have a date for marriage and you are bowing your head.If this is the case, then all you have to do is organize the last “free” party of your life, which should definitely be done so that your grandchildren can also anecdote about it. Our recently rethought stag do budapest packages for groups, corporate events and bachelor parties allow you to celebrate at a high standard at prices you could never have imagined.



In addition, each stag do package includes a surprise show in which the star is celebrated, so it takes place with the involvement of the groom, and now it is available to our beloved guests from abroad.

But why us?

We would definitely like to point out that our staff is made up of carefully selected, extremely pretty and intelligent girls who have fun in their blood and do their job with love. Among other things, this is the secret of our success. With us, the guest is really the first of everything else only secondary. The management of our stag do organizer company also takes special care to keep the atmosphere of our events informal and liberated, a real frantic party, which, if you experience it, you will surely mention for years to come. We feel this endeavor is on target, the numbers justify us, which is why there are plenty of guests and travel agents who organize their bachelor parties exclusively for us.

Our company provides a venue for more than 500 foreign bachelor parties per season, which means thousands of people every year! The price / value ratio of our service is by far the best not only in Budapest, but we can safely say that in the whole of Europe, so if you choose us, you are guaranteed that you will not be disappointed.

Contact us at any of our contact details, we are at your disposal if you have an individual request / question.

Summer is the period of weddings and it always causes a lot of headaches for friends to throw up on this remarkable event so that the bachelor party is not just a simple party. This is when the sportier programs always come up, yet we only talk about men. In addition to onshore programs, we offer them an exciting sailing experience, even with multiple boats in a small home race. For less sporty husband candidates, we can spice up the sailing experience with other ingredients, and we will clarify the needs with the company. The most popular stag do budapest activities are those in which the groom can compete with his friends. The greatest glory for him is to be a winner in most program numbers. Currently, the following bachelorette party options are the most popular for enthusiastic friends to choose from:


billiards, table football, darts, game room, games room
beer bike (beerbike, party bike)
gambling, casino
paintball, shooting, archery
adventure park
sporting events, sports matches
go-karting, car racing, adventure driving
extreme sports: bungee jumping, tandem jumping
boat trips, sailing, rafting
wellness, adventure pool

Why book strippers for a stag do Budapest feeling?

However, there are also options that are not based on the programs just listed, but rather want to satisfy physical pleasures. The basis of most bachelor parties is the consumption of alcohol, which of course men can do in nightclubs. As the night sets in, you can start the evening from the busiest ruin pubs to a variety of bars and pubs to the most exclusive clubs. In these nightclubs, the tour guide, who is usually the groom’s best friend – who in most cases is the best man – entrusts the celebrated with various funny and exciting tasks. Participating in farewell awkward and awkward situations, of course, participants have a great time. A highlight of the evening could be a strip club where dear friends are happy to pay the groom for a costume dance, everything to the eye with nothing on hand.

Ethical and social problems of bachelor party

A bachelor party and a bachelorette party can be a critical point in a couple’s relationship, as both parties may be afraid that their love will become unfaithful as a result of a failed night. To avoid unnecessary jealousy caused by the bachelor party, a solution may also be for the bride and groom to celebrate their farewell party together. At this type of bachelor and bachelorette party, the celebrants set off separately, where they can have fun with their own friends. Later, the fun of the two teams intertwines and the joint celebration begins when the young couple meets again.


As an alternative to a bachelor party, where participants do not want to get overly drunk and do not aim for unbridled, immoral revelry, stag party organizers can come up with additional creative ideas in addition to the options listed above. They can also organize program options that are time consuming rather than costly.