Best Stag do destinations in Europe

Best Stag do destinations in Europe in a nutshell

That big day is coming when you have to organize your best friend’s bachelor party. There have already been a few ahead and you are looking for something different, special … What do you think of a bachelor party in Europe? If you organize it in advance, you will have a super weekend plan in which you will have a great time. Fasten your seatbelts because we’re taking off!




best stag do destination of Europe


The popularity of this capital is growing like wildfire, and it cannot be for less! If its shabby pubs were an attraction for long nights of partying and spas places of rest, with the sparties the concept of relaxation and party have become an inseparable couple. Who wouldn’t love to celebrate their bachelor party in Budapest? Literally on of the best stag do destination of Europe.

When we arrive in Budapest, any pub will be a good place to start the night and, of course, the Szimpla cannot be missed on our tour. The next morning, so that it goes without saying, you can walk around the city and then prepare for the evening-night depending on your planning: From the boat party to the sparties to having your feet on the ground all night firm, yes, dancing!


We know that the German capital is the best known among destinations for bachelor parties, but Hamburg is no wonder. It is a perfect city both for its leisure offer and for your pocketbook. Those looking for a party atmosphere will find pubs and gambling dens in which to start and party until dawn.

To recover from the weekend, on Sunday it will not hurt to take a walk through the center where you can take a photo and show how well you have behaved.


We all know this city culturally and touristically, but have you ever considered celebrating a bachelor party there? Czech nights can be unpredictable and you can end (or start, it all depends on your taste!) Dancing on the bar at Bar Coyote in true movie style.

In addition to its large number of pubs in the center, rock lovers will have a few gambling dens exclusively dedicated to you and continue with the largest disco in Eastern Europe. Do you want more? Well there is! If you think that beer is the drink of the gods, this city will have you hooked from the moment you set foot and with just one route you can taste up to 4 different types depending on the cereal and fermentation.

And if you are one of those who cannot conceive of a farewell without a boat party, don’t worry, because Prague will not disappoint you.



In this post we give you 7 tips to organize a bachelor party in Europe, since if organizing a bachelor party is complicated, move the whole group to a destination in Spain much more. It helps that we are specialists in organizing bachelor parties! By following these tips you will go far.

1. When to start organizing it
Knowing when to get down to business is very important. You are going to be a good group and most likely you will need flights, so the sooner it is decided, the cheaper it will be.

Our recommendation is that you start organizing a farewell of these characteristics between 3 and 6 months in advance.

This way you will avoid any increase in air rates, you will avoid problems and you will have the most important thing guaranteed: have a great time on your farewell to Europe!

2. Select the chosen members
Once you have decided to organize a bachelor party, the first step is to select the team, determine who will go. We know that the couple usually have more than one group of friends and here the first dilemma usually arises. Do we all do a farewell together or do each gang organize their own? Do we invite your friends from the university or do they build it on their own? Not to mention the “commitments” such as “the boyfriends have told me to invite their future brother-in-law to say goodbye.”

Choose well those who are going to the farewell. It can be the difference between an unforgettable farewell and an expendable one

Of course, for the selection of the group it is essential to know the wishes of the groom. You have to think about him at this point and not only in the costume that we are going to put on him. Speaking of which and to make things easier for you, this is the best costume store we know of.

3. Set the budget
Once the corresponding group of whatsapp of the farewell has been created with the chosen ones, the next task is to share the interests of all the members of the same. And it is not an easy task! Different personal and professional situations and even different cities, something more and more frequent.

Before questioning the destination, which is the next point and where you usually start, our recommendation is to establish a budget per person for the entire farewell. Knowing the budget per person greatly facilitates the following choices: the best stag do destinations in Europe of the farewell and the activities to be carried out.

To organize a farewell outside of Spain have a minimum of 250 euros

Not everyone has the same possibilities (nor the same desire to party) so it is an element of friction. That is why this is a very conflictive point within the group, which usually causes more than one casualty. Our experience tells us that (1) the sooner we address this issue we will save a lot of time in the organization and (2) in the vast majority of farewells (as in weddings) there are always casualties.

4. Choose the destination
Although the most important thing is to be together and have a good time almost anywhere, there are destinations that are better than others because of the offer for stag activities. Among the European destinations we highlight: Portugal (it has a lot to offer and they are close by), or imagine partying in Berlin, Budapest, Hamburg or Amsterdam !!


Related to the previous point: depending on the budget you have, you can aspire to one destination or another. Clearly the destinations that you can access by car (Portugal and the south of France) are the ones that are going to be the cheapest.

The plane ticket is, perhaps, the service that makes the most difference in price. That perhaps is determined by the time in advance with which you organize the farewell and with the days of the flight. Avoiding flying on Fridays and Sundays always significantly lowers flight prices.

You can take a look at all the stag party destinations in Europe to get a first idea of ​​where to go

Our recommendations:

Lisbon. Perfect for organizing bachelor parties where activities on the river are mixed with what a European capital has to offer.
Port. The wineries and the Douro are a great attraction for farewells. It has a wide range of adventure activities and, of course, the party is not lacking.
Algarve. Although speaking of partying in Portugal, the palm is taken by the Algarve. Perfect destination to combine with hangovers on paradisiacal beaches. The temperature of the water helps to overcome the hangover and activate again.
Amsterdam. Is there a destination that better represents the imaginary of a bachelor party? Maybe only Las Vegas surpasses it. Of course, it is not a cheap destination.
Berlin Cosmopolitan. Surprising. Fascinating. We love recommending it.

Budapest. If we like Berlin, Budapest is not far behind. The offer-price combination is unbeatable. If we get some good plane tickets, Budapest is a sure value.
Malt. More and more groups are choosing this pearl of the Mediterranean for a farewell due to the so sought after mixture of a party and heat farewell.
5. Hire ASAP the basics
What do we mean by the basics? These 3 elements of the trip: transportation from our city to the chosen best stag do destinations in Europe; how we move once there; and accommodation.

Origin-destination transport The most urgent and first draft decision, how are we going to get to the best stag do destinations in Europe? It is clear that if we move by road we will have less problems. On the other hand, when we already have to catch a plane, things change.

The plane is a critical factor when we want to organize a bachelor party in Europe and, therefore, the first thing we have to look at and close

The air route affects many of the issues that we are dealing with in this post: the destination to choose, how it fits within the budget, if all the participants of the farewell have access to the chosen destination at affordable prices … Our recommendation when hiring a plane: look at skyscanner first at all possible options, see how much it fits into our budget, and buy without delay when it does!

Transportation at destination. One of the most recurrent mistakes of our groups is that of neglecting the transport at destination. Especially when we talk about the transfer from the airport to the accommodation. Apparently it is easy to hire, in all airports there are buses, taxis and many times train or metro.  A goodbye is different. Why? Because you are a large group, we usually start drinking before catching the plane (and we continue drinking in it), sometimes our English is not the most fluent in the world, other times that of those who attend us is not …

Anyway, we have many anecdotes in relation to the transfer: if it has taken you to another hotel of the same chain that is on the other side of the city; that the plane is late and you only have the option of taxis at prohibitive prices … and so on up to a thousand.

To move to your destination, we recommend you have a mobility app that works correctly at your destination and handle it from your mobile. Simpler and more complicated, although when you hire an activity it usually pays you financially to reserve a group transport for the activity, since the organizers usually have very good prices agreed with our transport partners.

Accommodation. This is usually another headache. The most popular options? Apartments, hotels and hostels

6. The activities
Once you have flights and accommodation, in addition to seeing things much more clearly, you will want to see what activities to do in each of these cities. What are the favorites? A boat party can almost never be missed, like the one reserved in a disco or a multi-adventure activity in which to put the boyfriend or girlfriend to the test. But there are many others that are also very fun and original, such as touring the city riding a bike or spending a girl’s afternoon at a beauty party. If you are not very clear about it, you will only have to tell us what you like and we will give you the best options of the moment.

7. Put the icing on the cake: the accessories
T-shirts, costumes and accessories.

The best stag do destinations in Europe are waiting for you guys!