Best stag do locations 2023

Best stag do locations in Europe

Best stag do locations are listed in the following detailed article for you guys who are interested in organizing a bachelor party in 2023 or the next couple of years!


1.One of the most popular stag destinations is Budapest

Budapest, commonly called one of the best stag do locations of Europe, is a stunning Middle European city. It has many architectural gems and a great river, the Danube, crossing it at its heart. It will be understood that it is a very popular destination, the so famous “pearl of the Danube”. But where this becomes interesting is in its imposing number of bars of all kinds, from the most offbeat with wacky decor, to the craziest with clubs with sulphurous reputations. One thing is extremely true in Hungary, the locals know how to party. It is also the most famous theater in Central Europe.

Activities for stag do in Budapest

Budapest is above the other best stag do locations  in which it is impossible to get bored. Like other destinations, you can visit it aboard a “monster roller”, an activity that has been very successful. This city is always lively with its many bars and pubs.

Moreover, it is famous for its famous “palinka”, a rather strong Hungarian brandy. An activity that can be atypical is the “escapes games”, which are developing a lot in Europe today. The city has several and it is ideal for participants who enjoy team games and reflection. With multiple settings, from the operating room, to the prison to the coffins.

The principle is simple, the participants are divided into three groups which each have one hour to leave the room with a series of keys and codes to find.


Budapest as one the coolest stag do locations in Europe

The summer season is approaching at the same time as the wedding season. Inevitably, bachelor parties are part of the lot. At the moment, you are in the middle of preparations for your friend’s stag party, which you are going to witness. We must not lie to each other, when we talk about “stag do”, the same thing comes to mind for us all: an evening with friends over a beer with a pretty stripper.

But make no mistake, practices in this area have evolved considerably over time. From now on, if the fans of the classics always find their account there, the event has become much more complete, including many festive, sporting, cultural activities and even trips. This is the subject of our article of the day, produced in partnership with the Stag VIP site. Because the choice of a trendy destination like Barcelona for a bachelor party is of paramount importance, let’s try to review the key places of the moment!

2. Amsterdam

For some of us, the stag do essentially rhymes with drinking and excess, a classic in itself. Perhaps too much one could say! So why not add a touch of originality to make it more entertaining? Nothing better for that than the superb city with the canals, Amsterdam, the sulphurous and crazy. This reputation makes it a destination of choice for young people and in particular the French. That’s not all, it has a nice selection of bars and pubs, allowing you to discover a nice and wide selection of the best beers on the continent. We are of course talking about Belgian, German, British, Irish and… Dutch beers!


When we think of Amsterdam, we obviously come to the idea of ​​touring the coffee shops. It is a city without complexes that defies prohibitions, allowing the consumption of cannabis to be considered legal. Its reputation is second to none: the hot parties in the red light district, the sex shops, peep shows and strip clubs are the perfect illustration of this.

The city also has a good number of breweries, from the most traditional and local located in a windmill to the most emblematic, the Heineken brewery. Here again nothing is better than the opinion of the professional. And Amsterdam is one of the best stag do lacations in Europe!


amsterdam's iconic houses

3. Barcelona

If we conceive the perfect stag party as a compromise between sun and endless party, Barcelona is a place to be privileged. Cosmopolitan and dynamic city, it has a rich heritage, as much architectural as historical or cultural. Barcelona is the city that never sleeps: Catalans eat late, drink late and go out very late.

On weekends, you shouldn’t be surprised to find nightclubs still empty until 1 or 2 a.m., but they often open until 6 a.m. It is very popular with young people for these reputedly festive and convivial evenings. Let’s not forget either its ubiquitous Mediterranean gastronomy, its many parks, its hill of Montjuïc which overlooks the city and its beaches located a stone’s throw from the city center.


Barcelona is a city full of activities, especially at this time of summer. It has an intense nightlife with its many discos and bars. It is even possible to attend a multitude of festivals that take place from spring onwards.

But above all it is a coastal city bordered by the sea. Indeed, the city has many beautiful beaches on the outskirts. Another popular attraction: the ice bar. It is a perfect place for anyone who appreciates quirky and crazy places. As soon as you arrive, you are equipped with coats and gloves, the place being freezing with temperatures of -5°C.

amazing beach in Barcelona

4. Riga

While thinking about the destination to choose, why not opt ​​for Riga. the Latvian capital has a magnificent city center, to be recommended for lovers of architecture. With its art nouveau style, it is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the largest Baltic metropolis, wanting to be young, with the craziest and most active nightlife there is. There, the national drink is none other than beer, in addition to being one of the most alcoholic in Europe, it is one of the best.


It is a crime to travel on a stag do in Riga without scouring the many bars and clubs that populate the old town. Because in addition to being numerous, they have the reputation of being among the most festive in Europe. Once again, we will no longer present the famous “beer bike”, also present in Riga.

However, if a desire for the great outdoors takes you, a quad trip with friends can be perfect, in the middle of pine forests and beaten paths. As for anyone planning a bachelor party at the beginning or end of the year, the bobsleigh is the activity not to be missed with sensations and adrenaline on the same course used to train Olympic athletes. Another activity for those interested, or for the curious, shooting. The city has many shooting ranges, and doing a shooting session can be a good discovery.


beautiful street in Riga, a perfect stag do location

5. Berlin

If there is one city on the old continent that continues to be as attractive as ever, it is Berlin. It is one of the youngest and most creative and best stag do locations in Europe. In addition, it enjoys a certain cultural mix that makes its identity, which totally influences the image of the city.

Thus, architectures from the past, present and futurists have been side by side and superimposed for a long time. Whenever we think of Germany, one of its specialties is beer, and at an affordable price too. You will surely be served it in very special and green places in Berlin, the “Biergarten”, literally the beer gardens. These iconic spots in the German capital are quaint open-air pubs.


Berlin is the city that never sleeps, every day of the week is an excuse to go out and party. The streets are dotted with trendy and unique places, each craziest than the next. The Germans definitely know how to party and we understand why when we walk through the streets of the capital. All the classics of stag do are found there:beer bike”, “escape games”, but if this city is so famous, it is for its nightclubs welcoming the best DJs in the world every week.

A little advice if you want to hope to enter Berghain, the most famous of them, try to learn your German text in advance to seduce the bouncer!


city of berlin in the sunset


Choose one of our suggested best stag do locations and have a great fun!