Stag do Budapest madness

Let’s see what a real stag madness in Budapest where you should start and how?The bachelor party is the last free evening of the groom before he is getting married, before he says the blessed eternal, holy yes. When you hear a bachelor party as a celebration or entertainment opportunity, everyone thinks of a rough […]

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Ruin bar crawl in Budapest

Our staff has a wealth of pub tour ideas, activities and venues, but below you can read about the typical nightlife with ruin bar hopping in Budapest and highlight some popular places: Between cozy jazz bars, open-air music venues and chic discotheques, you will find your favorite nightclub in the bustling and exciting nightlife of […]

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Pub crawl games for Stags and Hens in Budapest

Pub crawl games in Budapest for you guys! Let’s see some popular games for any bar crawl during your stag weekend or hen party in Budapest.  CLICK HERE FOR STAG DO ACTIVITIES IN BUDAPEST The safe pub crawl games in Budapest  1. Post a picture or video from your crawl to Instagram or Facebook tagging […]

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My stag do in Budapest

Let’s see my stag do memories in Budapest Me and my friends decided to visit Budapest in the last year. Everybody told me to travel to Hungary because it’s an amazing country with lots of experiences and cheap beer of course. My best man Mike started to search for stag do companies in Budapest and […]

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Stag night in Budapest

Stag night in Budapest is amazing! Stag and Hen groups understand that really getting to know Budapest in a short period is impossible. The visitors from foreign countries can only get a general impression of our culture and lifestyle and the spirit of the capital city. Event organiser websites and social media can offer practical […]

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Spa party in Budapest

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Middle Europe. The city is unique and colorful with the legacy of the old times and renewing year by year. Thousands of tourist are coming to visit Hungary during the hall year even if it’s winter or summer time. The city has lots of thermal baths […]

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Stripper service in Budapest

If you want Strippers for stag do in Budapest, we are stripper provider in Budapest. That’s sure. We arrived to Hungary last week for my brother’s Stag do. Our team was a massive lad pack from Belgium and we wanted to have an awesome time in Budapest. We arrived by 2 pm in the afternoon […]

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Nick’s stag do in Budapest

From our request to the end it was amazing experience. The communication war clear and fluent from the first steps of our work with Peter and his crew. Quick and promt service. First and foremost our welcome was lovely with Maya was young beautiful and very helpful, smiling all the time and was very informative. […]

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17 funny Hungarian expressions

1. Hungarians don’t “jump for joy”, they are “as happy as a monkey about its tail” (Örül, mint majom a farkának). 2. Hungarians don’t say “Bullshit!”, they say “Horse d*ck!” (Lófasz!) 3. Hungarians don’t ask little children “Why are you crying?”, they ask “Why are you giving drinks to the mice?” (Miért itatod az egereket?) […]

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Ryan’s stag do in Budapest

Our time came from Malta and it was a really big surprise to our stag Ryan. He’s a big gun fan and he didn’t shooting with a real gun before so we decided to book a gun shooting activity for him. Especially AK-47 which is his favourite gun from action films etc. We found STAG […]

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